Cordeiro's Genealogy

Last Edited: 24 Mar 2022

The Cordeiros Genealogy website traces the descendants of Belchior Gonçalves Cordeiro and Maria Gaspar (lived late-16th to early-17th Century) from the island of Terceira (parish of Biscoitos) that forms part of the Azores archipelago of Portugal. It follows one of their descendant's (Antonio Gonçalves Cordeiro ) migration to the Portuguese colony of Macau (returned to China in 1999) and the subsequent migration by his descendants to other countries.

The site concentrates largely on one of Antonio's descendants, Ludovico Miguel Cordeiro, whom migrated from Macau to Singapore in 1876. Records are also kept for descendant families in Australia and Canada as well as those that still remain in Macau today.

Our database also contains information on the Cheong family (descendants of Francis Cheong Ah Khoo, 1908-1975) and the Hendriks family (descendants of Lodewyk Hendriks, born late 1700s) due to the marriage of one or more members from these families to the Cordeiros.

Whilst private information is available only to bona-fide family members who can be placed on our genealogy tree, many of the pages in the general information sections of our site are accessible without the need to register. This includes all links found under BACKGROUND and ANCESTRAL LANDS.

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