Research on Our Azorean Ancestors

Last Edited: 27 Apr 2020

We have as of September 2012, identified 6 generations of our ancestors who have come from the small wine-producing village of Biscoitos (translates to English as "Biscuits") and a 7th generation from the village of Quatro Riberas. The two neighbouring villages are on the island of Terceira that form the group of Azorean islands off the coast of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean. The generations identified date back to the mid-1500s. This brings to a total 15 generations of Cordeiros on our web site. For a summary of our ancestral line, view the summary chart in the Background - Our Lineage page.

Whilst searching the Azorean records, we have simply collected information on all persons with the last name Cordeiro/Cordeira or persons with parents having those last names. In so doing, we found that all Cordeiros living in the village of Biscoitos (between the dates we have searched) were descended from a Belchior (Melchior) Gonçalves Cordeiro. We believe Belchior moved to Biscoitos from the neighbouring village of Quatro Ribeiras where his parents, Balthazar Afonso and Brianda Cordeira were from. His sister, Violante Cordeira moved to the neighbouring village of Lajes. Descendants of both Violante and Belchior still live on the island of Terceira today.

We have added all the names collected into the database even though not all are in the direct line of ancestry of the Singapore Cordeiro families (on this web site) living today.

The records for Biscoitos and Quatro Riberas commenced in the mid-1500s and mid-1600s respectively. However, we believe there are further records that will take us further back in time. We will continue to search records in neighbouring villages for further ancestral information.

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